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Slide House

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Slide House

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Constrained by the long narrow site sandwiched between neighbouring properties, the design distills into the shifts of 3 volumes to shape light entering the spaces of this dwelling.


Deprived of any side elevations to allow openings, the 3 cubes slides between the party walls to allow daylight into the middle of the house. Here, a double volume atrium space ensures light reaches the lower parts of the house from the skylights above. Staircases are located beneath the skylights on both sides of the atrium while a feature bookshelf on level 2 fronts one face of the atrium. In addition to shifting between the walls, the cubes also slide amongst themselves along the front-back axis, introducing a series of outdoor patios that shift both on plan and in section, from left to right on different levels.


In front, an additional cube wrapped in perforated aluminum extends outwards to form the first patio as the other cubes recede to the back, sheltering and announcing the house entrance.

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Vivienda Poble SEC
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c/ Roser, Barcelona, Spain - Build completed in 2021
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