Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank

Hoofdstraat 14b, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands
Project Year
Bert Rietberg

Circular architecture at its best

RAU as Architects

The natural surroundings of the Estate were considered during the development of the new office. The design and construction are centred around principles of nature and biomimicry. Biomimetic architecture seeks solutions for sustainability in nature by following its set of principles and using it as a model, taking inspiration from natural designs and processes. Building heights have been adjusted to remain below the treeline. Bat flight routes were respected, and a special light plan was developed to prevent disorientation and to protect fauna. 

The energy-neutral building consists of sustainable materials and a demountable, wood-hybrid construction, which was designed by Rau Architects and constructed by JP van Eesteren. This creates the possibility to completely disassemble and reconstruct the office at another location. The project also includes a BIM-based Material Passport: this provides a record of all the materials used within the building, which stimulates the re-use end of their first life. The extensive use of renewable energy - reflected in over 3,000m2 of solar panels, the world’s first and largest bidirectional solar charging point for 120 electric cars, as well as heat and cold storage - contributes to the energy neutrality of the building.  

The interior reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The choice of organic forms, refined materials and soft use of colour, ensure a natural stillness upon entering the building and reinforce the fusion with the environment. The wooden cores and ceilings inspired by the shape of a mushroom emphasise nature from outside and lead to an integrated refinement in the building. By choosing as few materials as possible, a maximum experience of the larger whole is created.

Aside from its outstanding construction and design, the value of the new Triodos office is the new impulse it delivers to its natural surroundings; a true reflection of the values of Triodos, one of the world's most sustainable banks. The company will move into the building in November.

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