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Weninger - Hardware centre

Weninger - Hardware centre

Viereck Architekten
Mitschastraße 35, Mistelbach, Austria | View Map
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Petev Georgi

Hardware centre Mistelbach

Viereck Architekten as Architects

The new centre for agriculture and home improvement is located along the main road to the city centre of Mistelbach, Austria. Due to its prominent location it was important to place the entrance at South, where customers enter the store through a cube cladded in Eternit façade panels, directly into the floor to ceiling glazed showroom. The working spaces, the workshop and the big storage room are oriented to the north. The things in stock outside are protected through a projecting roof, which creates extended working space. A central staircase leading up to the 1st Floor to make space for admin offices, social rooms, staff facilities and a grand gallery to overlook the entire showroom below, which extends its usage for seminars and meetings.

Large print images above the product shelves draw additional attention to the double voulme space.


Due to the great aspcets of sustainability its was a common dicision of client and architect to use timber as the main construction material, therefore the entire structure of the building; slabs, columns, walls and roof is built in solid timber, which allowed for a column free showroom space with a clear height of 6,8m and a span of 15m.

Apart from it’s haptic perception, the chosen timber provides the space with a warm and bright atmosphere.

Photovoltaic panels and an extensive green roof are helping to maximize the green and sustainable approach, which was of importance to both, architect and client, right from the start of the project.


A energy saving inverter outdoor unit with a warm water module heats and cools down the building. In the first floor they build in a underfloor heating, the first floor comes up with a monolithic panel with concrete core activation. The storage room with a big high lebel rack is unheated.


Further, it was a common goal to avoid environmentally harmful materials wherever possible.

On the exterior, randomly sized Eternit façade panels and timber cladding combined with lighting strips and spot lights are creating a natural, modern and timeless appearance of the building which enhances the image of Mistelbach as a modern and sustainable city.

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