The Project is located in Bharuch, Gujarat, India within the carpet area of 500 Sq. Ft. and was Completed in the year 2018.The major project requirements were waiting area for 3-4 people, workspace for 3-4 people, main cabin, store and pantry. 

The idea was to design a flexible work environment to cater the modern creative workforce, which differs from a conventional office. The concept was to move out of the cubicles and making use of the curvilinear form in a square shaped space to create adaptive fluidity. The area was zoned into sections and was further developed with the help of space formation into a curvilinear pattern. Also, it creates a healthy working environment which is much more natural and pleasing. This allows a convenient flow from entrance leading to the main office, workspace, pantry and toilet. 

The workspace was designed in a multifunctional manner , wherein it can be used for working as well as for discussions. Addition of planters on the periphery of the workspace acts as a partition between workspace and the waiting area making it more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, this space also has a floor to ceiling length inbuilt shelving unit complementing the desks which can be used as a bookshelf, storage and/or décor purposes. A paper roll dispenser is provided to aid in discussions and preparing rough drafts. 

The openings in the cabin are placed in such a manner that it gives a clear view of the waiting area and the workspace to the person working in the cabin. Also, horizontal louvers are used in place of conventional windows which serve as ventilation as well as used for safety purposes. Keeping in account the natural material and colour palette, the work desk in the cabin is created that looks like a boulder. The desk underwent an elaborate process from form sculpting to finally finishing it in spray paint. Exposed brick walls were laid in such manner that it complemented the curvilinear flow and the natural design style. 

Leftover pieces of wood are utilized to make wall arts and décor pieces. Concrete panel walls are used all over the project with wooden tone accents to help the natural aesthetic. Spot lighting fixtures and recessed lights are used that adds to the simplistic design.


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