Flour Bakery with 360 Fireplace

Flour Bakery with 360 Fireplace

Cambridge, MA, USA - Build completed in 2017
Photos by Michael Stavaridis

Flour Bakery with 360 Fireplace

European Home as Fireplace manufacturer / distributor

Welcome to Flour Bakery in Cambridge, MA. When you walk through the door your senses are pleasantly lulled into submission by the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls, the sight of reclaimed wood, and the warmth rolling off a 4-sided modern fireplace right in the center of it all. This space was designed by David Hacin and his team at Hacin + Associates. In this short interview, David and Holly Markham talk Scandinavian design, Joanne Chang, and modern fireplaces.

Read the full story on the European Home blog.


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