House at Los Cisnes

House at Los Cisnes

Guillermo Hudson, Argentina
Project Year
Private Houses
Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

House at Los Cisnes

Fallone as Architects

This house lies on a quiet triangular shaped site on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Groves of trees surround the place giving the architecture a natural frame. It's design consists of a reinforced concrete box anchored to the terrain, a white box suspended by round columns and an horizontal plane. This surface is a Lapacho wooden deck that connects the garden, the pool, the barbecue area and the grove. The architecture has very precise construction details but a simple scheme. Private spaces are upstairs in the white volume and public activities take place in the ground floor.

Although design looks modern, in essence this is classic architecture, governed by beauty and function. The combination of concrete, glass, steel, travertine and wood achieve Harmony and Elegance.

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