Scuola primaria di Colognola ai Colli

Scuola primaria di Colognola ai Colli

Claudio Lucchin & architetti associati
Colognola ai Colli, VR, Italy | View Map
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Primary Schools

Secondary Schools
Paolo Riolzi
Product Spec Sheet

Green roofClimaGrün
Roof waterproofingDerbigum
Interior stucco, Outside stuccoGrigolin

Product Spec Sheet
Green roof
Roof waterproofing
Interior stucco, Outside stucco
Ceramic tiles

Scuola primaria di Colognola ai Colli

Claudio Lucchin & architetti associati as Architects

The project takes inspiration from the nearby context, a small town and the beautiful hills around it. We suddenly noted that our plot was on the same alignment of the main church and cemetery, which opens towards the valley below. Another special aspect, which we took as reference, is the trend of some contour lines of the hill, which helped us defining the inner courtyard. A school therefore anchored strongly to the territory. Colognola ai Colli was founded around 100 BC. as a Roman vicus from a military base, placed to protect the Via Postumia (military road in the foreign territory). The town was therefore born as a centuriate system, based on the geometric figure of the square (in the specific case of 710 meters per side). Likewise, the school is designed starting from the regularity of this geometric shape with equal measure a 1/10 of the historic facility (71 meters).


One of the guidelines that conditioned the project was the respect of the strong agricultural tradition of the place and its hilly territory. The cultivated green and the morphology of the hills become a structuring part of the project idea, and an integrated part of the building, for example with the large dividing roof garden. The study of for the elevation which are facing the inner courtyard is as well inspired from the surrounding area. In particular the hills on the east of the lot in question are suggest a shape that immediately reminds a heart; this shape is drawing the space of the internal courtyard of the school, it closes the space in an embrace, creating a protected space without imposing a heavy physical closure.


The school is made up of a two-level body that houses the didactic functions and facilities. The layout of the first floor, where there is the main entrance, offers a large and airy atrium of from which you enter, then there are tha classrooms and the other special and multipurpose classroom. From the ground floor it is possible to access the inner garden, all the classes on the ground floor have a direct access to it.


Material Used :
1. Schüco - Windows
2. Pellini - Venetian blinds (amid the double glasses)
3. Celenit - ceilings
4. Ninz - REI doors
5. Derbigum - roof waterproofing
6. Italgraniti – ceramic tiles
7. Interior stucco - Grigolin
8. Outside stucco - Grigolin
9. Climagrün - green roof
10. Oddicini - movable walls
11. Zoppellaro – air handling unit
12. Thorn – interior lightings
13. Macos – interior doors

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