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Easi & Vaimo offices

Easi & Vaimo offices

Creneau International
C-Mine, Genk, Belgium | View Map

EASI & Vaimo offices

De Vorm as Manufacturers

Vaimo and EASI are two ambitious companies sharing the office space in Genk. Both working in the IT sector, they had a common need to attract new talent. Creneau International designed a workplace that unites two cultures under one roof. 

The new office is located on the iconic C-mine cite. To pay homage to the past of this location, many of the industrial elements were preserved and integrated into the new design. You will see a lot of brick walls and concrete structures. The surprising mix of materials and patterns creates a distinctive, charming look.


Designed for maximum flexibility
Space is arranged to support the agile principles of work. Workstations are grouped into clusters, 6 to 12 places each, and scattered around the floor. To grant some privacy without isolating people from each other, the shared desks are equipped with AK 1 and AK 2 workplace dividers by De Vorm.  de-vorm-office-easi-and-vaimo-creneau-1.jpg

The private offices are also used flexibly and serve as extra meeting booths when not occupied. Interestingly, not only the workplaces are flexible, but the entire office is built in a way that allows for all offices to merge together one day, if necessary.


Two companies, one workplace
In order to host two different teams, the design required a well-balanced combination of private and shared spaces. Through a series of brainstorming sessions and an extensive questionnaire, the designers managed to collect the wishes and needs of all the users.

Since the work of both companies is mainly digital and intangible, Creneau wanted to add more natural elements to the surroundings. As a result, they chose a mix of warm colours and fabrics, different textures and organic materials.


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