Ecuador's Pavilion Exposition Milano

Ecuador's Pavilion Exposition Milano

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy - Build completed in 2015

Ecuador's Pavilion Exposition Milano

Kriskadecor as Facade curtains

The aim of the design was to stand out the Pavilion among those around it thanks to its façade, creating an emotional connection with traditional and unique elements of the country. Graphic designs from the Otavalo’s region fabrics were adapted and updated to achieve this.

The Kriskadecor anodized aluminium chain cladding of the façade is divided in four faces with an average height of 9 meters, reaching up to 10,5 meters at certain points. The Northern and Southern faces measure 25,4 meters in width and, the Eastern and Western, 15 meters each., This huge metallic structure is possible thanks to the lightness of the material. The sunlight and the lighting planned to the smallest details enhance the completely successful final effect.

The range of yellow, red, lilac, blue and green colours used, represents the colourful regions of the country, its population, landscape, craftwork, ethnic groups, cuisine and cultural expressions, which are also summarized in its logo and its motto “Ecuador Ama La Vida”.

Zorrozua y Asociados, design consultants with a wide experience in several sectors, carried out the project design and management of the pavilion.

Ecuador pabillion in Milan Expo 2015

Zorrozua y Asociados as Architects

ZORROZUA y ASOCIADOS as part of the Expo Milan 2015 Consortium, and with a proven track record in different sectors including architecture, museography and interior design, was tasked with the design, work and project management of the Ecuador pavilion at Expo Milan 2015.

A graphic façade inspired by the multicoloured fabrics of the Otavalo region in Ecuador was designed in order to ensure a great impact and visibility and to transmit the country's environment and cultural heritage. The innovative panelling system using anodised aluminium curtains where the fabrics depicted become multiple colour chains, means that the frontage reflects the colour range and variety characteristic of a bio-diverse country such as Ecuador. The effect of the sun and the wind heighten the sensation of movement, reflecting the identity of a country in constant innovation as stated in the pavilion's claim, “ECUADOR DISCOVER OUR EVOLUTION”.

The building is 1000 m2 divided into three floors. The ground floor has been designed as a free-flowing and open space that presents its “good living” concept to the visitors and also showcases the variety of its agri-food production and its rich biodiversity by means of activity areas, zones for show-cooking and performances.

The first floor has an exhibition area with an audiovisual experience for the visitor to discover the country’s food and farming biodiversity.

The museography is divided into two different thematic areas. The first covers four regions - Costa , Andes, Galápagos and Amazonas – where there are large audiovisual screenings along with 3D holograms and a scratch and sniff system showcasing the typical products and main agri-food assets of those regions .

The Ecuador line is also present here, a luminous line running through the room is seen as the origin of the biodiversity of Ecuador that makes this country a unique place. This luminous Ecuador line is geographically placed on a great graphic map of the country showing the main agri-food products. The second area is an audiovisual space where visitors will learn about the goal that Ecuador wants to get across, that is, its potential as a producer and processor of top-quality food, as a partner on the international market, as well as being a country with great biodiversity and agri-food wealth, whose main commitment is evolving and sustainable agriculture.

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