Victorian  / Minimalist with Trisore 140 Fireplace

Victorian / Minimalist with Trisore 140 Fireplace

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Victorian On the Outside, Minimalism On the Inside: A Renovation Story

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Both Liraz and Raz spent their younger years in the Israeli Military where they first met. Following their years of service, they spent the next eight months traveling. With time spent in Peru, Brazil, and all throughout South America, they eventually made their way over to the States. After a whirlwind of traveling for many years, hopping from U.S. city to city and apartment to transient apartment, they were finally ready to settle down with their three young children and find a place to call their own.

In Newton, Massachusetts they found a beautiful home overlooking Crystal Lake. Having only two previous owners over the past century, Raz and Liraz were ready to take this traditional home and breathe some contemporary life into it.

With a clear minimalist design style in mind, Raz and Liraz called upon Charles Rose Architects for their expertise. We sat down with Charles, and the lead architect on the project, Timothy Jones (T.J.), to learn more about their design. They first explained that this renovation project was a complete overhaul. They began by gutting the inside of the building, tearing down walls in the process to give the interior a minimalist and open feel.

While the interior was completely transformed, Raz and Liraz were adamant that they wanted to preserve the Victorian era feel of the home from the outside. When you pass by the home on the street, it fits in with the neighborhood, still evoking a historical feel. However, as you make your way to the back you begin to realize a modern slate and steel carport and raised deck addition that only begins to allude to the transformation that has has taken place within.

When you walk in the front door, what was once a maze of tight hallways and closed off rooms, has been transformed into a refreshing view all the way across the wide open first floor. As Charles describes it, “you step into a whole new world.” They knew that the couple was interested in a minimalist home with an open floor plan. They used the exterior as a foil, while creating a clean modern feel inside. It showcases simple white walls, a stunning glass staircase, and a few carefully selected pieces all centered around the gorgeous three-sided gas fireplace.

It was important for the Evenor’s to choose a few select pieces that they cared deeply about. With influences from all around the world, Liraz took the lead in finding products that would suit her home from Spain, Iran, and throughout Italy. When choosing the fireplace, they agreed that they needed something that would pop and also be viewable from 180 degrees or more. The result was a fireplace for the kitchen, dining area, and living room all in one.

Throwing in yet another modern design culture, the couple decided on the Trisore 100H gas fireplace, by Element4 from the Netherlands. The flames bring a warm, organic feel and juxtapose the clean glass lines of the fireplace, and the geometric profile of the staircase.

As they wait on a few final pieces to arrive from around the globe, Raz and Liraz are ready to sit back and admire the minimalist masterpiece they worked so hard to create. After years of traveling, and months of renovating, they are looking forward to simply enjoying their time here and giving this home another lifetime of memories .


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