Leonardo Mendez

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building”. – Louis Kahn

Equipo de Arquitectura as Architects

Dreams + Necessity + Available resources = Project


Solving the basic equation of materializing dreams through a bounded Budget, we initiated the construction process of our architectural office. The exercise begins with the experimental transformation process of materials, such as earth, Wood and glass, configuring them between two existing trees: a flame tree, that stays outside but framed, and a guavirá tree, that stands in the middle of the space to share our company.

The 30-cm rammed earth walls hold the weight of the roof, resting in only 20 cm of its width, exploiting the structural qualities of this material. All of the furniture and doors are made of recycled wooden forms used in the concrete slab that covers the office. The library detaches from the walls in order for the light to continue its path, suspending books and paintings, studio’s most precious treasures.


If light builds time, and gravity builds space, the atmosphere of Earthbox is built with the sound of jazz, the smell of incense and the flavor of fresh coffee.

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Grená House
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Grená House

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Campo Largo, Paraná, Brazil - Build completed in 2020
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