Mitla Apartments

Mitla Apartments

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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Jorge Garrido

The new living in Mexico City

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos as Architects

Mitla Apartments are located in Colonia Narvarte, which is in the South zone of Mexico City and conserves, in its urban order, characteristics that still give it a 40’s decade identity, such as streets in a north-south orthogonal grid cut by important diagonal avenues with ridges and functionalist buildings, mostly decorated with multicolored mosaics and that in their ground floors shelter small accessories that give life to the area.
Everything begins with the premise of solving a set of dwellings in the same area, following the challenge of reflecting on the different ways of inhabiting the human being; This proposal arises by challenging the boundaries between public and private areas, their interior and their transition spaces that generate friendly relations between them.
The whole set is designed to house 2 houses per level, where the central core behaves as a transition element that generates dynamic and participatory relationships.
The design of the facade is one of the main elements, where the concrete walls endowed play as protagonists, generating a connection with the cumarú wood. These two elements, together with the black aluminum frames of the large windows, create an extremely attractive reticle composition, which draws the immediate attention of those who pass through the street. This project manages to blend in with its surroundings, but at the same time it is startling for its contemporary design, and the attention to detail makes it a unique project.

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