Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

Adjara Arch Group
Tbilisi, Georgia | View Map
Project Year
Alex Maghlakelidze

renovation/reconstruction project of Rooms hotel

Adjara Arch Group as Architects

Reassuringly old and refreshingly new Vera neighborhood offers authentic city experience. While preserving the feel of an Old Tbilisi, one can feel the buzzing energy of modernity. Vera is centrally located on the hills just above the main Rustaveli Avenue. With small winding streets and houses built on the steep hills, Vera district has and always will have special feel to it. From olden days this part of Tbilisi has been a source of inspiration for various artists and songwriters. Many famous Georgian historians, playwrights, theatrical figures and renowned poets have inhibited Vera district. First Georgian musical shot in 1973 was called “Melodies of Vera”. Chovelidze Street, formerly called Brick Street, originated in the 19th century, named after Tamar Chovelidze, who tragically died fighting for Georgia’s independence and unity on April 9, 1989 in soviet times this building was publishing house and it had industrial look. Architects had a lot of heritage and story to work with in this renovation project. Materials used in this building is reclaimed oak wood, reclaimed brick for paving, even cast iron fence and hand rails are reclaimed. concept was to use as much history as possible and make strong bond with buildings industrial history. original wooden windows where restored. in this historical part of the city car parking is a huge problem so to improve this situation architects made innovative and quite brave move to dig under the building and connect street to underground storage spaces which later become car parking for 200 cars. Inner industrial yard is remodeled to be a good recreational area with lot of green plants. fireplace and bar. architects: Goga chkhetia, Givi machavariani, Alexander Maghlakelidze, Gogi sakhelashvili, Giorgi miaberidze, Giorgi butulashvili, Ia chekheria, katja samsonadze. concept by Temur ugulava

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