Botaniko Sales Gallery

Botaniko Sales Gallery

Weston, United States
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Landscape Design Workshop

Botaniko Sales Gallery

Landscape Design Workshop as Landscape Architects

Landscape Design Workshop has won the 2017 American Architecture Prize in the category of Landscape Architecture/Commercial for their project Botaniko Sales Gallery. This real estate sales gallery serves a newly developed 120-acre residential community with 125 custom homes located in the city of Weston, Florida. The sales gallery is composed of 2 main volumes connected by a “glass box”. The first volume is the reception area whereas the second space contains a model unit and sample materials. The outdoor spaces relate to the indoor spaces, with the vehicular arrival court relating to the reception area and the sculpture court relating to the model unit. The vehicular court is designed to evoke the feeling of arriving home, almost like a residential driveway. The sound of cascading water, lush planting and wide inviting steps welcome the visitors. The entry fountain provides a residential scale and visually connects the arrival court with the glazed interior volume. The sculpture court relates both to the outdoor arrival space and to the interior model unit space. The landscape architect designed the sculpture court so it can be experienced from a moving car as well as from within. A visitor driving into the arrival court experiences the dynamic views of the sculpture surrounded by a reflecting water feature and a bosque of Wild Date Palms. Once in the courtyard, the visitor experiences the different layers of water and planting with the artwork anchoring the space. In this project the landscape architect designed the outdoor spaces surrounding this sales gallery to showcase the essence of the upcoming community: water, lush planting, indoor-outdoor dialogue and art.

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