Matern Architekten
Zukunftsmeile 1, 33102 Paderborn, Germany
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Matern Architekten

Coworking-Space "Innovation Hub"

Matern Architekten as Architects

In the unused cafeteria of the Paderborn Fraunhofer Institute, a modern coworking space called "Idea Engine" has been created. Here workshops are held that bring together science and industry for futurology and product innovation. The image of the Future Workshop also serves as a design principle: an unpolished workshop character is intended to create a creative atmosphere.
The four areas of the 220m² large area divide the space thanks to an industrial-style glass partition wall: in the "Ideation Space" there is plenty of room for brainstorming. Large whiteboard areas, mobile desks and a seating stand create a multifunctional space for coworking, presentation and creativity.
The "Creation Space" serves as a workshop for developing prototypes, equipped with mobile tables, workbenches and material trolleys, as well as two presentation screens and a 3D printer. Prototypes from research can be tested directly in the area for driverless transport systems and demonstrated to business partners. The tea kitchen not only functions as an informal communication and meeting place, but also offers space for research exhibits thanks to a small exhibition area.

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