Deloitte Canadian Headquarters

Deloitte Canadian Headquarters

Kearns Mancini Architects
Toronto, ON, Canada
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Steve Tsai

Deloitte Canadian Headquarters

Eventscape Inc. as Manufacturers

On-brand, unique and often playful, office designs are an extension of your culture, identity and establishes brand recognition for your clients. Deloitte combined seven divisions into one national headquarters in Toronto and created a branded environment that does just that.

By working closely with interior design firm Arney Fender Katsalidis from London, England and local designers Kearns Mancini Architect, Deloitte’s staff met all their work-environment goals. It was Eventscape who engineered, fabricated and installed many of these custom architectural features in the space that make it distinctively Deloitte. 


Acting as a cool, edgy privacy wall, is a twisted metal fin wall located beside the ground floor bistro. Standing at 14-feet tall by 23-feet wide, our expert fabricators built this element out of ¼" by 10" aluminum flat bars with a custom copper colored, powder coat finish.

How did Eventscape achieve this undulating pattern? The Metal Fabrication team devised a custom jig to create each twist by hand, and each fin had two 30-degree twists in specific locations.

Mounted to steel brake-formed shoes at the top and bottom, there are adjustable, internally threaded connections to ensure adequate tension in each of the fins. Lighting was integrated between each fin to give it a luminescent quality.


Inside the bistro is a large globe lamp feature, built of a metal frame and textile covering that is emblematic of the Deloitte green dot found in Deloitte's logo. This brand symbol becomes a focal point that is visible to everyone inside and people at street level that are passing by.  


Inside the atrium stair openings on the second and third floors, Eventscape fabricated 7 custom benches built from concrete, solid reclaimed wood with stainless steel legs, and leather seat coverings. Comfortable and stylish, these benches contribute to a communal area where employees can step out of the designated working spaces to take a break or chat with colleagues.

This isn’t the only office design that we’ve custom fabricated and installed. Discover more commercial projects by visiting our online Portfolio.

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