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Interior design of the construction company office

Interior design of the construction company office

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ElementBrandProduct Name
Aluminum systemsReynaers Aluminium
Interior furnitureMDF Italia
Tiles Tubądzin

Product Spec Sheet
Aluminum systems
by Blanc
Interior furniture
by Peronda

Interior design of the construction company office "Vodogray"

AddLine Group as Designer

The customer was the construction company "Vodogray", which has been operating for many years, and this was not the first office for them, the customer provided detailed information about the format of work, the order of relations between specialists, the company's development and expansion plan. The planning was approving for a long time, and changes have been made in the design process to best improve people's working conditions.

The planning was developed with great care, taking into account the internal work technology and the specifics of the company.In deciding design, we were completely free and easily approved our vision of design. This project is characterized by the laconism of lines and shapes, restrained colors with bright textured accents and corporate color.

Global challenges have been avoided thanks to our careful authorial supervision.  The office had many engineering networks that needed to be integrated into the design. During the project it took more time to develop the design of a seven-meter phytowall with a waterfall, namely to minimize the space for the equipment of the water supply and sewerage structure. The project uses a lot of original furniture, light and decor.

The interior is widely used products that the customer's construction company is engaged in, such as curtain wall facade systems with finishing of hpl panels and spandrel glass, Reynaers aluminum facade systems, decorative brickwork, metal, wood and copper as well.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: Reuse of old Austrian bricks. Plasterboard, glass, laminate, hpl, concrete panels, .
Flooring: Tiles from such manufacturers: "Tubadzin".
Windows: Reynaers Aluminum systems: "Fasad Intex".
Interior lighting: "Prima Luce" "blanc.ua".  

Conference room furniture: "eliteinterior.it".

Phytowall: "Flora service Chernivtsi".

Sofa: "Blanche.ua".

Paintings:  "Adli.net" 
Interior furniture: Author's: "Adli.net" furniture  (materials: mdf, laminated chipboard ,hpl, artificial stone) and several brands.


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